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Our fifth grade class is beginning our work on an Author Study Literature Project.  During the next 8 weeks we will be researching an author, writing biographies and reading books.  The research and written parts of the project will largely be completed in school, although students will be asked to complete much of the reading for homework.  This is a large project and includes many components.  Project checklists and the due dates assigned to each component are listed below   to keep students working steadily to complete work by due dates.

Project Dates

Project Checklist
o   1/4        Introduce project
o   1/7        Choose 3 authors you are interested in studying and give it to Mrs. Place
o   1/8        Mrs. Place will give me the author’s name I will study
o   1/11      Choose 2 books written by my author and get Mrs. Place’s
                   approval  _____________________________
                                  (Teacher signature)
o   1/14       Return the work requirements with parent and student signatures
o   1/16      Complete ALL notes in my author study notes packet
o   1/22       Rough Draft of Author Biography due
o   1/23      Complete reading ____________________________________ (title of book #1)
o   2/1        Final Draft of Author Biography (typed) due
o   2/8        Complete reading _____________________________________ (title of book #2)
o   2/15       Complete a book review brochure on ONE book by my author
o   2/18      Choose visual project and get Mrs. Place’s approval ______________
o   3/4        Complete my visual project (Information to come.
o   3/8        Complete poster board display
o   3/11      5P Class Presentations
o   3/12      5P Class Presentations
o   3/13      5P Class Presentations
o   3/14      5P Class Presentations
o   3/15      Authors Fair 9:00-11:30

Visual Projects

As part of the Author Study Project, students will be completing one visual project from the list below.  Students have the option of using tehcnology to create projec.  Project ideas are listed below.  Other ideas will be considered is students are creative.introduced to technology resources to use for the completion of these projects.  Available resources include, but are not limited too: Powerpoint, Inspiration, Prezi, or complete a visual project of their choice.

1.    Create an advertisement for the sale of a new edition of the book you have read that would make people curious enough to buy the book or if the book were made into a movie.  Include a review of the new edition or movie.

2.  Make a Venn diagram to clearly compare and contrast the story elements in the books you have read.

3.   Make a timeline or story map with interesting pictures/collages etc. based on the story elements in one of your books.  Be sure to include all significant events.

4.   Dress as the author and give a speech from the author’s point of view about the book and the influences in her/his life that helped her/him write it. 

5.   Act out an important scene from your book or create original puppets for a puppet presentation of a scene. Be prepared to discuss your choice of scene and support for its significance to the story.

6.   Assemble a collection presentation.  The presentation should contain 10-15 items that appear in your book that are important to the plot development.  Each item should be labeled, described, and shared in order of appearance in the story. 

7.   Create a character web of the main character in one of your books.  The web should include physical and personality characteristics as well as demonstrative quotations from the book to support your descriptions.  Your web should show how the character changed from the beginning to the end of the book.

8. Create a mural that depicts how you envision the main events of your story.  A story summary and description of the main idea should accompany the mural.

9. Research the setting or theme of one of your books.

10. Create a musical presentation of your book.  Retell main events in your story with original song lyrics or interpret the story into a dance.  You man also choose to retell significant parts of the story with sound and instrumentals.  A complete summary of the story should also be shared.

A reminder that all story elements includes:  title and author of book; setting; problem; main characters; 3-4 main events; solution; message or lesson.

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